StarLogoT User's Guide

Table of Contents

Using StarLogoT

This tutorial teaches a student to interact with StarLogoT models, using Wolf-Sheep Predation as an example.

New users should first become acquainted with this page before moving on to the programming section.

Getting Started with Programming

This page is for first-time StarLogoT programmers. It explains the StarLogoT interface and the logic behind StarLogoT models.

Tutorial 1: Beginner

This tutorial walks a new StarLogoT programmer through the development of a simple diffusion model.

Tutorial 2: Advanced

This tutorial walks a beginning StarLogoT programmer through the development of a complex model of hill climbing.

StarLogoT Development Reference Manual

This is a comprehensive manual that documents all the commands in StarLogoT. If you're wondering how to program something or what syntax to use, this is the place to look. It contains:

Read Me

The Read Me page documents the new features of StarLogoT since its last release.